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Lifezer’s huge ecosystem distributes financial investments, creating reliable sources of profit for investors.
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High responsibility for business leadership

Our company was originally created as a reliable mechanism for generating profits through trading around the world using its own trading platform, its own trading algorithms and marketing tools.

In addition to its own unique software development, Lifezer LTD has a powerful core of software developers, traders, financial managers and analysts that provide leadership, reliability and high profits to our partners around the world.

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CEO Founder of LIFEZER
David Lake
Hi, friends. With us, your profit will not stop of any lockdown at all!
Hi, friends. With us, your profit will not stop of any lockdown at all!
The Lifezer ecosystem offers an incredible opportunity to make money without putting money or health at risk!
Put your money in Lifezer’s unique ecosystem and keep your investment safe!
Automatic distribution of finances within the ecosystem produces a profit of up to 5% every single day!
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Lifezer ecosystem

Company Lifezer
Algo trading bot
Trader Community
OCT trading script

Company Lifezer

David Lake and his unique business strategy

Initially, the company was conceived and created by Mr. David Lake as an independent and unique mechanism that allows you to diversify your money, thereby reducing investment risks.

Thus, you got an incredible opportunity to get into our ecosystem, created from several unique business products at once, and at the same time we guarantee the promising growth and development of the ecosystem.

Lifezer ecosystem

Algo trading bot

Trading bot Algo is artificial intelligence, which is created for daily trading at more than 30 world exchanges. It’s distributes investor money and makes trade deals on Nyse, Nasdaq, ASX, LSE, Deutsche Börse, Kraken, OKEx, Binance, Bitmex, Bitfinex, Huobi Global, HitBTC exchanges.

Algo trading bot generates from 0.65% to 2.4% of net profit daily. In the event that the Algo balance sheet increases every day, net profit per trading session could reach 3.65%!

Lifezer ecosystem

Trader Community

An unique outsourcing business scheme of the financial management

Lifezer’s special department has working contracts with private trading companies and provides them with money from the company’s common pool for trading in order to guarantee the company’s customers a final profit on trading, since even with unsatisfactory results of some companies (their number never exceeds 5 in each single reporting period), the final result will always remain profitable.

Lifezer ecosystem

OCT trading script

Incredible, unique, personally created development by the founder of Lifezer. This is a script based on an unique trading algorithm.

Reliably protected from any copying and installation software development for brokerage firms, which helps traders open the so-called Easy-deal by one click with already fully prepared and set parameters of indicators Take-profit and Stop-loss for each individual trading instrument.

Lifezer ecosystem

Make the right choice and become a part of the Lifezer ecosystem!

Everyone can make your own life better today!

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Road map


February 2018

As a result of business research has been arised an ecosystem concept based on achievements in the field of algorithmic trading.


December 2018

Formation of the doctrine of the business model existence capable generating profit in any trading situation.


March 2019

The creation and implementation of basic algorithms in work with private companies, which will later become the basis of the OCT script.


October 2019

Completion of testing activities of Algo trading bot and implementation of this development in a daily business activity.


June 2020

The final formation of the crew core of the coming company and the creation of conditions for its maximum effective work.


December 2020

Making a decision to create a company capable of successfully performing financial management in three areas at least.


February 2021

The beginning of Lifezer LTD as a self-operating enterprise through online technologies.


November 2021

It is scheduled to take place its own Lifezer token emission and complete the development of a training program for investors.

Extra chance

Join to the Lifezer ecosystem and begin to take full advantage of your revenue opportunities to the fullest! There are many ways to increase your income in the ecosystem by becoming a participant in it. All additional earnings programs are available and awaiting for you now. Don't waste time, get more now!



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