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In the investment plans of the STANDARD group profits accrue to your balance daily from Monday to Friday and is available for withdrawal immediately after accrual.

In the investment plans of the VIP group profits accrue daily but credit to the balance at the end of the deposit period. Funds are available for withdrawal only after the end of the investment period.

Profit card

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DDB programme

You can always increase your profits in different ways by cooperating with Lifezer. And one of these incredible features is the Deposit Duration Bonus (DDB) programme.

The essence of the program is that you can receive super profits from an already working deposit. This is achieved by adding money no earlier than after 4 weeks of operation of the main deposit and the added amount of the deposit cannot be greater than the already working deposit and cannot be less than 50% of the already mentioned of the working deposit. If all conditions are met, you will receive accrued to your account balance an instant bonus of 11% from the added amount.

Invest to Lifezer

Your deposit

1000 USD
Cycles before DDB (1 cycle = 1 week)
1 cycle
2 cycle
3 cycle
4 cycle


500 USD

DDB + 11%
(Instantly 55 USD)

Obviously, the super profit will be 55 USD (in accordance with the DDB programme), the total profit will be 810 USD, and the final deposit will be face value 1500 USD.

Profit and number of investment cycles

Please note that some investment offers run more than 8 cycles or 8 weeks. The profit received directly depends on the number of cycles and the amount of the deposit, which is set out in more detail in the Detailed info section.

The main advantages of Lifezer ecosystem investing

  • An incredible opportunity for each investor to work and profit in a lot of available ways in the ecosystem.

  • Usage of several unique investment products and get the opportunity to participate in the growth and development of products and services in the future.

Make the right choice and become a part of the Lifezer ecosystem!

Everyone can make your own life better today!

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